Milvus Group attendance at a mammal conservation conference

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IMG_0408In the first days of April, members of Milvus Group attended a mammal conservation workshop organized at Mórahalom, near Szeged, Hungary. The main focus of the conference was the research of indigenous mammal species of the Carpathian Basin, chiefly from a nature conservation viewpoint.

The seven presentations and posters by Milvus Group’s mammal researchers, some made in collaboration with other experts from Romania, Hungary and Germany, dealt with topics such as otter distribution in Romania, otter diet at fishponds, lynx census in a protected area using trail cameras, detecting of hybridization between wild and domestic cats by means of genetic analyses, lack of occurrence data of some mammal species, establishing of new blind mole rat populations as well as the role of blind mole rats as prey animals.

IMG_0437The workshop, entitled “Flagships, umbrellas and other species: what can mammal research do for nature conservation?” was an event in a series of Hungarian conservation biology conferences (MTBK), organised for the tenth time by the Hungarian Biological Society in collaboration with other organizations. For more information please visit the website:

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