In middle of nature with Milvus!

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11060322_1029357030416617_5452893365098998065_nThis year, the Milvus Group children camps were a real success. Totally, sixty children participated in two camps in Rigmani and Seliștat. The activities of the participants concentrated on active learning, even if they are on holidays, they learned to recognize large mammal traps in nature, visited the Milvus Rehabilitation Centre for birds and the Saxons historical church, built nest boxes and made jewellery from owl pellets. The Group’s specialist were amongst the youths, teaching them “lessons” about birds, more precisely about bird nets and bird ringing. With the help of a botanist they identified different plant species and the entomologists from the “Lucian Blaga” University introduced them to the ants’ life. 11173340_1028850640467256_9139909088817419233_nOne of the favourite activities was building and painting nest boxes. The painted models were various: leaves, hands, waves and flowers. The journalism classes were a real excitement, the participants in the Seliștat camp tried to be a newscaster about Nature for a few minutes, and it wasn`t easy at all! Rounders was the favourite sport activities from Milvus camp. A teambuilding game which develops responsibility and respect among the team players. If you want to learn more about Nature and how to protect it, join Milvus Group`s activities! 11822275_1029093053776348_8238491076518037081_n For more photos click on the following links: 9th Traditional Forest School Camp (Rigmani) Natura 2000 Academy Camp (Seligstadt)

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