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This is how long the first stork visit lasted at the webcam nest from Dumbrăvioara. It happened at the beginning of this week and it was just a breathing „stop” for the stork that headed towards Glodeni. Our competition to observe as soon as possible the storks that will nest in front of our eyes continues. We rely on your attention to capture the arrival. Send us a printscreen at iulia.vizi@milvus.ro! Last year a pair of young storks spent the summer in the nest but did not succeed in breeding. The way they arranged the nest with different materials gave us hope they will return to the same nest. The most thrilling season till now was in 2015 when a pair occupied the nest right after mounting the new web-cam. Between 15 and 23 April, 5 eggs were laid but only 4 chicks fledged. At the beginning of June, only two chicks were alive, probably due to the bad weather. On the 29th of June we witnessed a successful adoption in the stork nest: one young stork which have fallen from a nest in Brâncovenești, was successfully adopted in the webcam nest. All storks took off well towards Africa in late August.   Atât a durat popasul primei berze la cuibul cu camera web de la Dumbrăvioara. S-a întâmplat la începtul  acestei săptămâni și a fost doar o „stație” de respiro pentru barza care se îndrepta spre Glodeni. Așadar, concursul nostru de observare a primei berze care va CUIBĂRI la Dumbrăvioara sub ochii noștri, continuă. Ne bazăm în continuare pe atenția voastră în a „captura” sosirea ei. Trimiteți-ne un printscreen la iulia.vizi@milvus.ro.

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