The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is one of rarest birds of prey within Romania. Until 2000, we had very little information about their distribution and sheer number. It was estimated that there were 20-25 pairs across the country. The activities which focused on this species began in 2001 in Trascau Mountains. We’ve been following their population changes, reproductive success rate and threats in the Apuseni Mountains and certain areas of the Eastern Carpathians ever since. 

We conducted surveys within the frame of several projects and, besides the aforementioned areas, also in Banat and Retezat Mountains. Hence, we could make a more realistic estimation of its population at the national level, to around 90-150 pairs. The GPS transmitters which we mounted on chicks more recently allow us to collect data about how these birds use their habitat and the moves of the young individuals. As per conservation actions, designating Natura 2000 areas for the conservation of this species and the support we gave in designing their management plans are the most important. But additionally, we have installed numerous artificial nests as well.