Travelling through Europe

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The three Red-footed Falcons, ringed in Bărăgan and monitored through satellite, have arrived in Europe, furthermore, Marina decided to continue its journey to Crimea. After crossing the Mediterranean Sea, Kira is resting in South- East France, while Ringlo follows her, and his satellite data places him right now in Gibraltar. The three Red-footed Falcons wintered in Namibia and Angola taking incursions to Botswana and Zambia. On their way to their breeding areas, the birds crossed Western and Central Africa, then the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea. Based on our previous data it seems that Marina prefers to breed in Crimea and Kira in Kazakhstan. Concerning Ringlo, we will find out his breeding area in the next weeks to come, given that he was captured and equipped with satellite transmitter last autumn during the migration period and so its origin is uncertain, at least for the moment. Here you can follow the trails of the three Red-footed Falcons: .

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