“Raining” with storks

Tragically but true, the medium voltage pillars in Romania seem to be a major threat for the migrating storks on their way to Africa. This is also the story of a bird equipped with a satellite transmitter from Poland, which lost its life on such a pillar in Cehul Silvaniei, lacking the scientific community of important data on the migratory routes of these birds, with otherwise very few natural predators. Another gloomy picture of the phenomenon is offered by the nine dead storks electrocuted on five dangerous pillars in Bihor County! And this are not singular cases. The Rehabilitation Centre has received in recent week’s dozens of calls regarding storks injured or electrocuted on such pillars in several regions of the country as Iasi, Bârlad, Suceava, Arad, Timiț, Satu Mare, Mureș, Oradea. (more…)

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Three stork chicks died because of the bad weather conditions

On the 27th of June 2012 members of Milvus Group travelled to Suplac commune (Mureș county), following an appeal the mayor has made. In Idirfaia village, belonging to Suplac commune, the locals have been worried because of the storks which have disappeared in the last one and a half week. For some time they have not seen the owners of the stork nest from the brink of the village, nor have they seen the stork chicks which were already standing on their feet in the nest for some time. (more…)

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Stork observing game: who will observe first the stork on the webcam?

On 26 March 2012 at 15.39 PM Nagy Györgyné was the first who observed the stork on the nest from Dumbrăvioara! Congratulations! The web camera has been mounted on stork nest number 10 from Dumbrăvioara and the events can be followed live, day and night. Last year there was an interesting turn of events in the nest, and since many people watched it with great enthusiasm, this year we will reward those observing important events from the nest first. (more…)

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The stork and bees

[singlepic id=595 w=250 h=200 float=left]In the last period more and more people are contacting the Milvus Group – Bird and Nature Protection Association, asking for help to protect the storks. Usually they are asking us to set up a rack for a nest, which is on an electrical pylon (e.g. Valea Nirajului, Ocna de Sus etc.). In some cases they are informing us about that some nests are in danger, sometimes even the coworkers from and electrical firm, without no reason, are removing them. In every situation we try to give our best and to solve the established, often unpleasant and weird so called problems.


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