Observation of Pigmy Owl

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Betwen 4th and 14th of June 2006 four members of the “Milvus Group” Association, together with two colleagues from Czech Republic and respectively one from Poland carried out studies on distribution of birds from the Annex 1 of the Bird Directive of EC in Maramures and Rodnei Mountains. Our colleague from Poland Mikusek R. owl specialist zoologist of the Stolowych Mountains National Park discovered a new breeding location of the Pigmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum). Above the fact that voice of males were recognized, also shells of hached eggs and pellets were found. Previously we didn’t have any proove about the existance of this rare species in these mountains.

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  1. Samuel Pacenovsky

    This artickle is very interesting! In fact, this is the first exact data on Pigmy Owl distribution in Romania, I ever found.
    Just a small comment: in the artickle is mentioned, that shells of hatched eggs were found (and pellets). In my experience it means, that also the nest site itself was found, because find of shells of hatched eggs are always located below occupied nestholes of the owl.

    Samuel Pacenovsky
    SOS/BirdLife Slovakia