Large number of Pygmy Owls observed in the Eastern Carpathians

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TorpeIn the autumn period, beside other several ornithological surveys we started again the Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum) survey in order to gather information about the national population size, distribution and population density. Between 11th and 13th November 2014 members of the Milvus Group visited for census several places from Neamț and Suceava counties. During the two and a half day were investigated six point-sets (each contents a number of 10 points) which represent a total number of 60 observation points. In these points a number of 46 Pygmy Owls were detected (seen or heard) and two other birds were observed between the points. While in previous years we had done numerous similar surveys, their results fall behind the now registered. The highest number of observed birds at one point was five (three males and two females).

t3The late autumn and early winter period is very suitable for this kind of survey because for the Pygmy Owl now there is the mating season, so males and females can be easily lured and locate playbacking the species’ sound from a CD player.

Aforementioned activities represent parts of the project “National system for management and monitoring of bird species in Romania based on Article 12 of the Birds Directiveˮ

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