Invasion of tortoises at the Rehabilitation Centre!

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Tortoises are generally appreciated by humans, yet every day we contribute to the diminution of their populations. In addition to the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats, which leads to the daily injuries of specimens crossing the roads, many are captured in their natural environment, illegally held and commercialized. Our Rehabilitation Centre receives a considerable number of tortoises, despite the fact that only three species are native in Romania, two of which live only in Banat and Dobrogea. The injured tortoises come to our colleagues at Vets4Wild, and then for rehabilitation and further release to our Centre. Another category of specimens entering in our custody, are the ones we receive after their owners do not want them anymore, they cannot keep them or realize that they are species protected by the law etc. Thus, in the last few weeks, we have taken over three injured and two illegally kept European Pond Turtles (Emys orbicularis), one Hermann’s Tortoise (Testudo hermanni) and a species that do not live in Romania, Testudo Marginata. Please, admire the tortoises in their habitats, they are not suitable as pets!

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