Bandi exploring new frontiers

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During the first months of its life (from July to October) Bandi, the first Imperial Eagle from Romania equipped with a satellite transmitter, stayed largely in Hungary  In winter he continued to make short trips to previously unknown areas, but overall he spent most of the time in habitats already well known, such as in the neighbourhood of Gyomaendrőd town in Békés County (Hungary). With the arrival of spring, the bird ventured much farther than it ever did before. According to the specialists, this phenomenon is well known among young eagles.

In the second half of March, Bandi ventured in three expeditions, increasing its area of activity to 71 000 km², almost four times more than the one in late October. During the first expedition, he crossed the Apuseni Mountains and returned in Arad through southern Banat and Vojvodina (Serbia).

The second round took him up in north-eastern Hungary, east of the city of Miskolc.

During the third trip, Bandi ventured for the first time west of the Danube River. He visited north-western Serbia (Bacica), reached the northeast corner of Croatia, returning through the central regions of Hungary.

Last month, Bandi visited a few times the breeding grounds from where he flew last year, in Arad. Here, the adult pair has made a new nest, where we hope they will raise other young eagles, contributing to the restoration of the species in Romania.

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