Breeding Sakers

After the promising results the Milvus Group’s employees got earlier in the spring seeking for Sakers in Dobrudja (Romania), they decided to continue the search. The purpose of the quest was to identify unknown Saker pairs and thus optimal quality habitats for this species. Several artificial nests are going to be mounted on high voltage powertowers in the very near future and the more nests installed in places where Sakers occur, the better chances to be occupied by falcons. The lack of appropriate nests is one of the most important issues to resolve in order to ensure a stabile Saker population in Romania.

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2% for Birds

Thank you for your very kind 2% donations, which we received in 2011. Your generosity will help us to sustain the Rehabilitation Center, the Ecological Education of kids and to…

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The stork and bees

[singlepic id=595 w=250 h=200 float=left]In the last period more and more people are contacting the Milvus Group – Bird and Nature Protection Association, asking for help to protect the storks. Usually they are asking us to set up a rack for a nest, which is on an electrical pylon (e.g. Valea Nirajului, Ocna de Sus etc.). In some cases they are informing us about that some nests are in danger, sometimes even the coworkers from and electrical firm, without no reason, are removing them. In every situation we try to give our best and to solve the established, often unpleasant and weird so called problems.


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Autumn migration of raptors in North Dobrogea, 2010

Aquila pomarina Macin 2010

All Romanian birdwatchers know that thousands of raptors, white and black storks, and other gliding bird species migrate every autumn through Dobrogea.

In the past few years several studies have been made in order to identify the main migration periods for each raptor species. Maybe the most relevant among these studies was elaborated by the Milvus Group itself, based on the raptor migration observation camps held in the Măcin Mountains (link).


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