Wildlife managers open to cooperation in the Transgreen project: Tîrgu Mureș – Iași Highway

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The first local meeting with local wildlife managers as the most relevant stakeholders group in this topic took place in Ghindari, Mureș County and was attended by the representatives of a total of 6 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) from the area, all located on or in the immediate vicinity of the planned Tg. Mureș-Iași-Ungheni highway (section between Miercurea Nirajului and Sovata). Local wildlife managers agreed that the future highway poses a significant threat and that it will impact the populations of far roaming protected (e.g. brown bear, wolf, Eurasian lynx) and game species (especially red deer and wild boar) alike. They also acknowledged the need for cooperation between the two sectors, in order to have any chances for reducing the potential negative impacts of the planned development. The wildlife manager’s request was that they are notified in due time before fieldwork is to be carried out in their WMUs, so they can also delegate their own personnel (professional gamekeepers) to indicate suitable locations for the mounting of motion-triggered wildlife cameras.

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