Storks electrocuted on the medium voltage power line – Dumbrăviara

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Electrocution on the poles of the medium voltage power lines is the biggest threat to the fledged young white storks. Not just storks are affected, but all large size birds – mostly diurnal and nocturnal raptors – which are using the poles for resting or as a perch for hunting. On the 9th of August, two young Storks settled down on a dangerous pylon inside Dumbravioara. Local people were trying to chase them away (because they know the pylons are dangerous for Storks) but unsuccessfully. At 10 o’clock after a short power-shortage, the two Storks were found dead under the pylon. Next day, another young Stork settled on a nearby pylon and died electrocuted. Besides these three victims, another young Stork was found hanging on a pylon at the edge of the village. During August, the Milvus Group, together with the Electricity Company will isolate 14 pylons in Dumbravioara (materials arrived already). This will be the first medium-voltage power-pole isolation in Romania. As the isolation method is expensive, we choose the pylons, which were in the immediate vicinity of the nests. These tragic events proved that all medium voltage power poles need to be isolated inside and in the neighborhood of the locality.

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