Inauguration of the „Community Center” in Sînsimion

On 14 th of October 2006 the Milvus Group organized the official opening of the Sinsimion Community Center , from Neaua commune, Mures County . The community center was developed in the frame of the “Sustainable development in the Carpathian Eco-region” project, implemented by the Milvus Group in partnership with the CEEWEB network and financed by the DOEN Foundation from Holland . The community center is a traditional house renovated in traditional style and furnished with traditional furniture dating back to the beginning of the 20 th century. The furniture and other materials were almost exclusively donated by the people from the 5 villages of the commune. The stable and the other secondary buildings were also refurbished and populated with animals from traditional Transylvanian breeds. The main objective of center is to conserve the cultural heritage of the region (which is diminishing very rapidly) and to become a tourism attraction in the village. In one of the houses rooms we will create an office which hopefully will became the center of the sustainable development initiatives inside the commune.

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