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After a first analysis of the protected areas along the Mureș River which recently entered in the custody of the Milvus Group, we identified a whole series of problems. By far the worst is the one caused by garbage. The river banks, and as such the local protected areas, are used as public dumping sites, without any respect for the local natural patrimony. Garbage disposed upstream remains hanged on the branches after any significant changes in water levels. The trees along the river are illegally logged without any written permits, while the pastures in the immediate vicinity of the river are overexploited. In spring and autumn, the burning of these areas is a regular sight, although prohibited by law.           Pasture overgrazing is a threat to the biodiversity of the riverine habitats, resulting in real arid landscape. Disposing the technical waste-water of the quarries directly in the course of the river, represents a real danger to underwater flora and fish. The sum of these problems is the starting point for our management and conservation efforts, that the Milvus Group will begin to implement on all four of these sites along the Mureș river.          

We desire living, unpolluted, respected rivers. Ultimately rivers are our source of water, our source of life!

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