Mounting artificial nests and searching for new Lesser Spotted Eagle nests

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nest2artificial nestWhile all Lesser Spotted Eagles started their spring migration in Africa, Milvus Group has started their seasonal conservation activities in Romania for the eagles arriving back home. One of the most important activities is searching for new eagle nests. While there are no leaves on the trees it is easier to find the nest of raptors. Until now we visited 12 forests in 9 days in the Natura 2000 sites from Valea Nirajului and Podișul Hârtibaciului.Totally 11 persons took part in the nest searching activity, the team scoured the forests and each raptor nest was marked with GPS. This year we found more than 70 nests, but only after the eagles arrive will we know which of these nests belong to Lesser Spotted Eagles and not to Common Buzzards, Northern Goshawks or Common Ravens. nest evolutionThe other important activity is the placing of artificial nests for Lesser Spotted Eagles. This way proper nesting conditions will be assured, which will be resistant to different weather conditions. The artificial nest is made of iron and fixed on the branches of the tree with bolts. It is then filled with snubs until it has the form of a natural nest. On the project webpage you can read more about the dangers that threaten the eagles during their migration, and about the conservation activities in Romania.

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