The fourth wintering Long-eared Owl census (2012-2013)

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The wintering Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) census continues also this year! The importance of this programme lies in the finding of many more wintering roosts to discover the most important places for the wintering owls. While in 2009, in the beginning of the programme we knew 20 wintering roosts, at the moment we know 51 of them! This programme is also important to discover the threatening factors; all these data can be used to prepare a flyer about the importance of these places and to prevent their disturbance. We would like to continue census of the Long-eared Owls in Romania this year also, with the hope of finding new places. The method is the same: counting the owls at the wintering roost. Any volunteer or nature lover can take part in this programme. The data sheet can be downloaded here: ROHU.

The programme coordinator is “Milvus Group” Nature Protection Association. The filled data sheets as well as any questions about the census should be sent to the email address. To realize an easier information exchange between the volunteers of this programme and to popularize the Long-eared Owl and other owl species, we created a Facebook group named “Owls of Romania”, where you can follow the most recent news!

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