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A lucky Common Buzzard

The bird tangled in fishing wobblers entered the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for rehab, after Vets4Wild veterinarians successfully released the hooks from the its chin and shoulder. The Common Buzzard was released after three days! You can support our rescue and rehabilitation efforts by donating at ING BANK RO12INGB0000999901703336. Thank you!

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Romania’s first flight cage for bird rehabilitation


On August 4th, Milvus group completed the construction of a flight cage, the latest addition to the Bird Rehabilitation Centre we have been working on with the Vets4Wild Association in Sansimon, Mures County since Autumn 2012. At 4m high and 25 m long, it is the result of several months voluntary work, made possible by sponsorship from the “Conservation of Falco cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” LIFE project. Continue reading

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Experience change in the Bulgarian Rehabilitation Centre


Surgery. Information and experience change

Milvus Group has started treating injured and seized birds several years ago with the aim to rehabilitate and release them back into nature. We receive more and more birds from people who want to help them, thus we decided that it is absolute necessary to enlarge and expand the Rehabilitation Centre. Our Bulgarian partner organization, Green Balkans has a vast experience in this field, for which reason we decided to visit them.  Continue reading

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