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Environmental education training course for teachers

In April and May 2011, training courses were held within the project “Ecological education in Mureş County” – financed by AFM (Administration of the Environmental Fund, www.afm.ro). The courses held in Romanian and Hungarian were dedicated to educators from Tg.-Mures, Reghin, Miercurea Nirajului and the surrounding areas. The participants were kindergarten teachers, instructress, biology teachers, etc. – totally 233 educators.

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Teach-the-teachers in a Natura2000 site

The teach-the-teachers program dedicated to school-teachers, kindergarten-teachers and biology teachers from the Natura 2000 site „Sighişoara – Târnava Mare”, started in 27th of March 2009. The first course was held at the Zaharia Boiu Gymnasium from Sighişoara and was attended by a great number of teachers: 105 at Romanian section and 31 at Hungarian section. The training consists of 4 modules and the participants have the opportunity to learn about Natura2000, sustainability, ecological footprint, CITES and many information about the birds of Romania. This teacher training course is organized by Milvus Group, Environmental Education Working Group and is financed by ADEPT Foundation (www.fundatia-adept.org).

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