J. Szilárd Daróczi

E-mail: szilard.daroczi@milvus.ro Tel.: 0720-537.066

Member of Milvus Group since 1992. Graduated from the Faculty of Forestry (game management section) in Transylvania University of Brașov. His main activities are the study and conservation of raptors and owls, being involved in most projects regarding raptors, also coordinating some of them. He works mainly with species like Lesser Spotted Eagle, Red-footed Falcon, Common Kestrel, Long-legged Buzzard but he is interested in Long-eared Owl, Ural Owl, Tawny Owl, and Pygmy Owl too. He regularly visits the wetlands from the Western Plain, Transylvania and Dobruja. He doesn’t hide the fact that he likes to twitch rare birds, even if on the other side of the country. He is interested in migration of birds, especially raptors and has been a licensed ringer of the Romanian Ornithological Centre since 1995. He coordinates the Milvus Group’s database of ringed birds and recoveries. Szilárd is one of the administrators of the Rare Birds of the Carpathian Basin database.

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