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Artificial nests for Tengemalm’s Owl

madarOver the past few days, members of Milvus Group have mounted 20 nestboxes for Tengemalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) in the Gurghiu and Giurgeu Mountains, the areas where during this spring we noted the presence of the species. Continue reading

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Mounting of artificial nests for Saker Falcon has been started in the Western part of Romania

Typical treeless Saker habitat in Western Romania (Photo: Attila Nagy)

In the last two years, the employees of the Milvus Group working on the Falco cherrug conservation LIFE+ project expansively examined the suitable natural nests for Saker Falcons occurring in the Western part of Romania. The results clearly show that the lack of such nests is one of the most important limiting factors for Sakers to inhabit these regions. Falcon species do not make nests of their own, they typically use nests built by other birds to breed, and Saker Falcon is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately solitaire trees and small tree patches, which are proper habitats for different species of raptors or Corvids to build their nests, are widely missing from Western Romania. In these conditions they cannot provide breeding places for Sakers, as well. The South-western part of Romania, named Banat, is such a place, where the only natural nests suitable for Sakers occur on pylons of high voltage powerlines. Continue reading

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Conservation measures for saving the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Romania

The Lesser Spotted Eagle is an endangered, protected species and some 22% of its world population breeds in Romania. The Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Sibiu, “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association and the Romanian Ornithological Society are implementing a LIFE project financed by the European Union, which has the objective of ensuring the optimal conditions for the conservation of this species.

On the 22th of March 2012 members of Milvus Group checked one of the Lesser Spotted Eagle nests, known to them since the year 1999, near Valea locality, Mureș county, but they found only logged trees instead of the oak with the Lesser Spotted Eagle nest. Continue reading

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