Raptor migration watchsite at Bosporus

Pallid Harrier (circus macrourus)

Starting from 22nd September members of Milvus Group together with members of Istanbul Birdwatching Society are observing the migration of birds of prey at the Bosphorus strait, which is well known as one of the most important migration route for soaring birds in Europe. Observations are made at 4 countpoints simultaneously. The migration study camp will last till 13th October.

The article about the results can be downloaded here: Autumn migration of soaring birds at Bosporus: validating a new survey station design

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18 Responses to Raptor migration watchsite at Bosporus

  1. Doğan says:

    Dear Christian FREGAT
    please contact me and send me your past counts at the Bosphorus
    to add to our data base. Also I can answer any questons you have about
    the migration here.

  2. Doğan says:

    Dear Leo Ballering
    please contact me about migration counts at the Bosphorus
    I have many years of data and am looking for past years counts to add to my data base

  3. Doğan says:

    Dear Nigel Shaw please contact me
    about rıngıng
    my email is yirticidata@gmail.com
    thank you

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