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Flying towards liberty

We are very pleased to announce, that all four Common Kestrel chicks have grown, gained power and managed to leave their nest, situated on a block of flats in Târgu Mureș. Thank you for your messages, seeing the chicks grow was quite an experience, especially as it took place in an urban environment. Perhaps, this way, by watching wild animals through webcams, we will reflect on the importance of nature and wild species around us!

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European Roller: Range Expansion

You know that feeling when you finally find the perfect home after a long search? There is shade, and there is sun, a food market nearby, playground for the children, and an immense hope that here you may raise them safe.
We do not know what made one of our lead characters to venture up north and to try their luck there. Nonetheless, we can state with certainty that our character, a European Roller, took over the lodging that was installed especially for her in high hopes. Why such high hopes? Because we haven’t got any observational data on the European Roller in the Ier Valley for the last 30 years. Continue reading

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(Romana) Cânepiști, singura zonă din Transilvania care găzduiește vânturei de seară

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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(Romana) Schimbare radicală de direcție în managementul ariilor protejate

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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(Romana) „Nu ne furați berzele!”

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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Results of the 10th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest

photocontestlogoLocation: Tg. Mureș – Romania
Judging date: 1st
of July 2018

Members of the jury:
Tamás András AFIAP – RO, president of jury
Kerekes István EFIAP/d2 – HU
Dan Dinu AFIAP, PhotoLife – RO

148 photographers sent 708 pictures from 10 countries
General – landscapes, plants, fungi: 165 photos
Animals: 213 photos
Romanian nature: 330 photos


The Grand Prize (First place winner of the competition)

Horia Bogdan /Romania – Quiraing Continue reading

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A new family

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received two Little Owls from Nazna, Mures County. The handiest solution was to place it in an artificial nest that already had three chicks. As it was placed in the new home, the adoptive parents have begun to take care of it immediately. We thank the kind people who allow these Little Owls to consider their household as their home.

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The Great Bustard, on the threshold of conservation

Six years ago, we couldn’t have imagined making a partnership with the City Hall of Salonta (Bihor, Romania) for the conservation of the Great Bustard. Not to mention on the municipality’s own initiative! Nonetheless, this is exactly what happened. We are thrilled that the project „Conservation, protection and promotion of natural values in the Salonta-Békéscsaba cross-border area (ROHU-14) – The Nature Corner” has seen the light. At last, we have the opportunity to attend to this species just like we wished for many years ago and just like it deserves to.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is a globally vulnerable species, already extinct in many European countries where it used to be native. In Romania, the species knew a massive decline starting with the 1920s. Thus, in the last few years, one could see great bustards in Romania only in the Western Plains. Continue reading

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Invasion of tortoises at the Rehabilitation Centre!

Tortoises are generally appreciated by humans, yet every day we contribute to the diminution of their populations.

In addition to the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats, which leads to the daily injuries of specimens crossing the roads, many are captured in their natural environment, illegally held and commercialized.

Continue reading

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