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A wintertime bird-watching experience – Dipper counting

Join us on 24th of January! Break-up the monotony and join our team! 

Look what we did last year:

Because we get ready in time, please contact us until 23th of January at 0747 416280 or email. 
What you need to know: 
As the action takes place in the Toplița–Deda Mureș gorge, you’ll have to arrange for transportation!
Because we are in full winter, dress accordingly, you will be out for several hours!
Take with you a thermos, sandwiches and good humour!
Join us!

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(Romana) Numărătoarea păsărilor de apă 2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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Big eagle “reunion”! 15 Imperial Eagles observed

On 25th December 2017 a total of 15 Imperial Eagles (Aquila heliaca) were observed in Arad county  (Western Plain of Romania), which is a record number for the region but also for the country. Most of the birds were young (1-2 calendary years), but there were also three third plumage, one subadult (fourth plumage) and one adult bird.  Continue reading

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