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Winners of the “Observe and win” contest!

Prizes are given in the evidence arrival order with storks in the Dumbrăvioara nest:

Nagy István, G. Neamț, Horațiu Adrian Tocaciu, Cristian Marius Adăscaliței, Tanase Vasile, Fekete Nagy Magdolna, Pușcas Sorin. Continue reading

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The secret visitor

A colour-ringed stork visited twice the nest with the webcam. Firstly on the 20th and after that on the 27th of March. Unfortunately it spent only a couple of minutes in the nest. On the second occasion we managed to read the ring code and our suspicion was confirmed: it is a stork breeding in the neighbouring village, Glodeni. The bird was ringed in 2002, it is a male and nests in Glodeni in the same nest since 2010. We patiently wait for the developments and we are wondering, if it will move here or it is just a passing visitor? Continue reading

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Eight minutes visit

This is how long the first stork visit lasted at the webcam nest from Dumbrăvioara. It happened at the beginning of this week and it was just a breathing „stop” for the stork that headed towards Glodeni. Our competition to observe as soon as possible the storks that will nest in front of our eyes continues. We rely on your attention to capture the arrival. Send us a printscreen at! Continue reading

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(Romana) Monitorizarea păsărilor răpitoare de zi cuibăritoare din România (MPR)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana.

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Observe and win!

The webcam from Dumbrăvioara is ready to provide LIVE images from the nest! But something is missing? THE STORKS. Thus, the first observers of storks in the nest will be rewarded. We prepared some Milvus promotional packages to motivate you to monitor the nest’s activity. The first three observers will be rewarded. Send us a printscreen at as soon as you saw the stork and if you are amongst the first ones YOU WON!

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Further 130 Roller nestboxes were installed

As in previous years, in 2017, members of the Milvus Group continued the nestbox mounting activity within the framework of the “Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin (LIFE13/NAT/HU/000081)” project. Continue reading

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