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Make time for NATURE’S BEAUTY!

afis ClujWe invite you Tuesday, April 5, at 18.00 at the Centre for Urban Culture Casino in Cluj to admire some of the most beautiful pictures dedicated to Nature.

The exhibition of the 7th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest brings together 47 photographs (general and macro) from 13 countries, judged last year by Tamás András AFIAP – RO, Kerekes István EFIAP/p – HU, Dan Dinu AFIAP, PhotoLife – RO. We invite you to a figurative walk through diverse habitats, wildlife and fairy tale landscapes!

The exhibition is open until April 13th. Looking forward to see you!

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Attention: migrating amphibians! Place warning signs on the roads!

illusztracio1Amphibians begin a spectacular activity every year: hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of frogs and newts begin their migration from wintering habitats to their aquatic breeding spots. This phenomenon happens in a few days or weeks depending on the species and weather conditions during this period. Migration is spectacular especially where amphibians are hibernating in the soil, meadows, hills, forest edges or in the woods at a greater distance than the wet habitats. Continue reading

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28 bats saved

nyctalus_noctula_006Yesterday, on a street in Tîrgu Mureș a plane tree was cut and 28 Noctule Bats (Nyctalus noctula) lost their habitat. Thanks to the kindergarten’ s teachers in the nearby, who informed us, we were able to take 26 of them. Two others were brought to the “Vets4Wild” Association. Continue reading

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Migratory birds are coming back!

ehedThe Lesser Spotted Eagles, the Rollers, Red-footed Falcons, White Storks and other migratory birds are on their way to the nesting areas in Europe. We expect to see them in Romania, from April, but the first storks can be seen already this month.

The migration routes of these birds are different but also alike too! Here are a few: Continue reading

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Storks – Dumbrăvioara’s web camera stars

IMG_0663Dear Stork Friends,

we invite you to a new season dedicated to the life of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) from Dumbrăvioara! Be careful, monitor the nest and let us know when the first stork will arrive.

The first one of you who it will indicate the date the bird arrived will receive a prize package from Milvus Group!

Send us a print screen picture to our Facebook page or to the following address:  The prize consists in a T-shirt, a notebook, a ballpoint and other Milvus publications! Continue reading

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Join the OpenBirdMaps community!

Free access to information is one of the key factors that can significantly contribute to the evolution of science and its applied fields. At the moment there are no open-acces data-bases in Romania, that would provide access to basic ornithological data, regarding widely distributed bird species. To overcome this problem Association “Milvus Group” launches OpenBirdMaps (, an open access database dedicated to the collection and presentation of information on the spatial and temporal distribution of wild birds in Romania. Continue reading

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Announcing the “Romanian Breeding Bird Atlas”

“Milvus Group” Association and the Romanian Ornithological Society (BirdLife Romania) will launch, this spring, the Romanian Breeding Bird Atlas.

We are all curious to find out, before a vacation or a holiday in one of the country’s region, what kind of bird species can be found and what are our chances to actually see one. A detailed breeding bird atlas, with a spacial resolution of 10×10 km, can give us the answers to our questions. In the mean time, birds can say a lot about the general health of the environment that we share with them. They are very sensitive to whatever is happening to the surrounding nature, regardless if we talk about forests, agricultural fields, rivers, lakes or more populated places, like cities. If we know where we can find them, and how many are there, we also find out about the condition of the surrounding ecosystem.

In Romania there are over 200 species of nesting birds, with tens and thousands of data regarding their distribution and abundance collected by our volunteers and ornithologists. The two organizations propose to process the data collected from 2006 until present, completed with data that will be collected in 2016, in order to publish the first edition of the Romanian Breeding Bird.

How can you contribute?

  • Every ornithologist from the country that possesses data about the distribution of species in the breeding season, or about a species’s nesting between 2006 and 2015 can contribute with sending us the information;
  • The ones who are willing to do field observations in 2016, can select one or more 10×10 km squares from the unevaluated areas (or the insufficiently evaluated areas), from where they can collect recent data by performing a few visits in the breeding season (march – july)
  • By making observations outside the marked squares, wherever you are in the country. If you have only a small amount of time, make a complete list in the visited location, find as many rare species or just take notes about a few species: all this information helps us!

The program will be based upon the voluntary participation of amateur and professional ornithologists.

Join our program by contacting us on the e-mail adress !

You can access detailed information about a specific program, keep yourself up to date with news, read the preliminary results, download documents from the dedicated website,

This Atlas is based upon your information! Every bird and nature enthusiast’s contribution is important.

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