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6th Milvus International Nature Photography Contest

Deadline for sending pictures to contest is extended to 21st of June!

As spring rolls around, it is time once again forthe Milvus International Photography Contest. This year it will be the 6thedition of the competition and Milvus Group welcomes photographers with the new and challenging category ofthe photo essay: a series of nature photos, in black and white or colour, built around a theme. You can find more details in the invitation. Photo submission deadline: 14 June 2014.

Invitation                                                                   Entry form


Entry form

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Photos selected for exhibition on the fifth (2013) photography contest

Photos selected for exhibition on the fourth (2012) photography contest

Photos selected for exhibition on the third (2011) photography contest

Photos selected for exhibition on the second (2010) photography contest

Photos selected for exhibition on the first (2009) photography contest


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The White Stork webcam from Dumbrăvioara is working again!

Fullscreen capture 1832014 12635 PM

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Exhibition: Birds in our neighbourhood

1975210_632487876799865_1484091695_nThe Zoological Museum of Babeș-Bolyai University in collaboration with the Romanian Ornithological Society and “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association organizes temporary exhibition “Birds in our neighbourhood” between 19.03 and 10.05.2014.

The exhibition presents bird species in agricultural habitats, villages and forests, using drawings in pencil – created for the bird identification manual of the Romanian Ornithological Society and Milvus Group, “Common Birds of Romania” – by artists Zsoldos Márton and Deák Attila.

Artistic drawings are completed with information about the anatomy and morphology of birds, with introductory notions on ornithology as well as the description of common bird species in Romania. Stuffed birds, different nests and eggs (of birds) accompany the art exhibition.
Opening: 19.03.2014, 12:00 p.m.
The book “Common Birds in Romania” will be presented within the opening.

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Orphaned bear cubs found and taken into care

DSCF5076On the 5th of March, the Gurghiu Forest District contacted Vets4Wild Association about two bear cubs that had recently been taken into the institution’s custody. The two small females (approximately 2 months old, both female) were found a few days earlier by a local from Ibănești (Mureș county), who immediately reported the case to the local foresters. Colleagues from Vets4wild and from the Milvus Group went to Gurghiu the same day to take the cubs somewhere they could be looked after until they were old enough to return to the wild unassisted. After a night spent in Tirgu Mures, the following morning the two small bears were transported and handed over to the Orphaned Bear Rehabilitation Center, which is led by Leonardo Bereczky (Hășmaș Mountains, Harghita county). Continue reading

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The story of a poisoned White-tailed Eagle

IMG_7868At noon on a Thursday in February, the musician Andrei Dinescu was walking on the banks of Danube near Cetate in Southern Romania when he came across a huge raptor. The beautiful bird was alive but helpless, visibly suffering cramps and spasms in her gut. As he got closer, the bird stood still, breathing deeply and looking straight at him. Realising the bird needed help, Andrei phoned Ferenc Zudor from Cetate Cultural Port, a cultural centre where Andrei lives. Ferenc came quickly and, together, they took her to the Cetate Cultural Port. After searching on the internet, they found the Romanian Ornithological Society (ROS), based in Bucahrest, to whom they sent pictures of the injured bird. Continue reading

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Locals from Neaua mount nesting platforms for White Storks with help from Milvus Group

DSCF5037According to the people of Neaua (Mureș county), until two years ago there had not been a stork nest in the village for as long as anyone could remember. But in 2012, the first storks appeared and immediately started to build their nest. The breeding was successful in the first year, but in 2013 only one of the storks came back. As the nest was continuously added to over the last two years, it started to be too large and heavy for the electric pylon and he grew too close to the electric wires. Milvus Group decided that, to keep it safe and steady, the stork nest has to be arranged a special platform, placed on the top of the pylon. Continue reading

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