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The results of the 3rd Romanian Ornithological Marathon

This year, between 19-21 October ”Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association organized the 3rd Romanian Ornithological Marathon, which took place, as in the previous year at Cefa Fishponds (Bihor County). Nine teams with 2-4 persons (totally 29 people) registered at the contest, but there were also event participants who didn’t register. Continue reading

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Daróczi Szilárd

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The 2012 events from the stork nest with web camera

Photo: Kósa Ferenc

The events in the stork nest with the mounted web camera from Dumbrăvioara could be followed this year also on the Milvus Group webpage, unfortunately with some interruptions. In this year the camera was changed to a night-vision one, thus the storks in the nest were visible also in the dark.

Same as last year, this year the events turned out very interesting and surprising. Continue reading

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The exhibition of the 4th International Milvus Nature Photography Contest

The varnishing-day of the 4th International Milvus Nature Photography Contest took place on the14th of October 2012, Sunday from 11 AM. At the opening Cezar Buliga, the curator of the exhibition room made a speech about the values of nature photography, then Tamás Papp, president of Milvus Group, congratulated the winners and spoke about the importance of this contest. More than 40 people attended the opening, and even the winner of the contest, Attila Szőke from Slovakia was present.

The exhibition is open until the 4th of November in the Mureș Mall exhibition room (Piaţa Victoriei nr. 14, Târgu Mureş, Romania).

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Counting of Red-footed Falcons at their roosting places in Western Romania

Roosting site in Arad County

The Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus) is one of the main target species of the Milvus Group’s raptor conservation activities. We had several projects focusing on the protection of this small size falcon, the international LIFE program being one of them. Within this project we began to monitor the autumn roosting of Red-footed Falcons. This species breeds in colonies and it’s gregarious during migration as well. They form night roosts from the end of August to the end of September/first days of October, and several hundreds of birds (sometimes above one thousand) can gather at one single roosting site. These places are usually small tree patches or roadside trees. Continue reading

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Photoexhibition: 4th International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest

The exposition will last for 3 weeks.

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The III. Romanian Ornithological Marathon

This year ”Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association will organise the III. Romanian Ornithological Marathon, which will take place at Cefa Fishponds between 19-21 October 2012.

The contest will last 24 hours. The observations can be made within groups of 2-4 persons. The contest will begin at the common register spot. The first three groups, which will observe the most bird species, will receive prizes from the organizers. The group/person observing the most interesting bird species will be rewarded also. Those who identify the bird species from the “Mystery Bird” and “Bird Identifying” contest will be given prizes too.

We welcome you to participate on this event and we wish you luck!

For applying, registering or for other information about the event please contact the organizers at these addresses: and

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