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In 2011 Milvus Group became 20 years old

No one would have thought in 1991, when 7 enthusiastic ornithologist friends got together in the kitchen of Mr. Szombath Zoli, that the herein founded Milvus Group will still exist after 20 years, even more, it will be one of the most important and recognized nature protection associations in Romania, with hundreds of members, with many employees and with many achievements – which we tried to sum up, but it is impossible to include it all in this short report.

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Good news from Béni ”the Survivor”

Photo: Saverio Gatto

In one of our previous articles we were expressing our worries about Béni, the surviving 2010 nestling which got stuck in the south of the Sinai Peninsula on its way back to Africa after having spent the summer In Turkey and did not manage to finds his way to Africa above the Suez Channel. Our reasons for concern were well grounded, as in 2010 another juvenile, Adél, had lost her life in the same area of the Sinai Peninsula. Béni 1 is the juvenile which amazed everybody last year when, after having succeeded in crossing the Sahara, he broke all records: the fastest speed (92 km/h), the longest distance covered in one single day (511,7 km) and the most kilometres covered in total during migration (13869,17 km until 06.01.2011). Continue reading

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Another transmitter-equipped Lesser Spotted Eagle dies in Africa

According to the data we received from Köves’s transmitter, the signals have been coming from the same location – the town of Mubende in Uganda since 4.11.2011. The last signal from Köves came on 17.11.2011. The fact that the signals have been coming from the same location has made us wonder if the bird is still alive or it was captured, or lost its transmitter.

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The Lesser Spotted Eagle comics

For the first time in Romania Lesser Spotted Eagles are becoming comic characters. This animation is made within the confines of the LIFE project “Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Romania” implemented by the Regional Environmental Agency from Sibiu in partnership with “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association and Romanian Ornithological Society. From the 7th of December 2011 there will be an educational comic serial on the project’s website: In this comic we can follow monthly the adventures of the two main characters, Generalu’ and Piciu’ eagles, during the migration to Africa, their wintering period and their way back. The period between April and September, when the eagles are in our country, will also be illustrated. The scene of these episodes will be Transylvania, where the largest breeding Lesser Spotted Eagle population from Romania lives.  Continue reading

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Interview about the Lesser Spotted Eagle on

On 28.10.2011, our colegues Szilárd Daróczi and Róbert Zeitz, members of Association Milvus Group and in the same time project officers within the LIFE project ”Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania”, gave an interview to Markus Jais, initiator of the site, about the biology and conservation of Lesser Spotted Eagles in our country. To read the entire article please follow the link:… is a website that posts information about the biology and conservation of all diurnal raptor species regularly occurring in Europe.

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