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(Romana) Cum să procedăm în cazul în care depistăm deţinerea ilegală de păsări protejate

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Autumn raptor migration study in Dobrogea – 2010, 2011

The study of migrating birds has always been among the primer activities of Milvus Group. In the past years we organised several camps with the aim of indentifying the migration period of different raptor species. In this consideration the camps organized in Măcin Mountains, during 2002-2007, were the most important.

Last year (2010) we proposed a new objective: to indentify the migration routes of raptors in Dobrogea. These new information will help us understand the possible negative effects of existing and planned wind farms on migrating raptors. Continue reading

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The third wintering Long-eared Owl census (2011-2012)

As in previous years, ”Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association organises the Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) census also this year. This program is running in other East and Central European countries with the same method: counting the owls in their winter roosts. This synchronous census is important to clarify some questions related to the species. With this method many unknown wintering places have been discovered in Romania. Continue reading

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