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3rd International “Milvus” Nature Photography Contest

Winners of the 3rd International Milvus Nature Photography Contest

The winning photos list and the photos selected for exhibition can be downloaded here.

First prize (winner of the competition):

Gönye Csaba/ Hungary – Spring phototaxis

Section A – GENERAL

Place 1: Garas Attila/ Ungaria – Lentről jöttünk (We came from depths)

Place 2: Bakos Gábor/ Ungaria – In flight

Place 3: Csonka Péter/ Hungary – My jungle

Highly commended photos:

Branda Mircea (Ro) – T-Rex

Kelemen Attila (Hu) – Vizben álló fák (Trees standing in water)

Varga István (Hu) – Kangaroo rabbits


Place 1: Varga István/ Ungaria – Waiting for love

Place 2: Daróczi Csaba/Ungaria – Magányos halász (Lonely fisherman)

Place 3: Nagy Zoltán/ România – Black Winged Stilt

 Highly commended photos:

Daróczi Csaba (Hu) – Harc a halért (Fight for the fish)

Máté Bence (Hu) – Vízen futás (Running on water)


Photos selected for exhibition –Section A – GENERAL

Photos selected for exhibition –section B – AQUATIC BIODIVERSITY

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(Romana) Apariţie carte: „În obiectiv: Ţestoasa de apă europeană, Emys orbicularis”

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The Saker falcon is breeding in the western part of Romania

In April, Hungarian experts from MME/Bird Life Hungary, partner of the Milvus Group in the “Conservation of Falco cherrug in NE-Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” LIFE+ project (, made some fieldwork in the Western Plain of Romania. During the trip they identified a pair of Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) breeding in a nest located on a high voltage electric pylon. Continue reading

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