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Environmental education training course for teachers

In April and May 2011, training courses were held within the project “Ecological education in Mureş County” – financed by AFM (Administration of the Environmental Fund, The courses held in Romanian and Hungarian were dedicated to educators from Tg.-Mures, Reghin, Miercurea Nirajului and the surrounding areas. The participants were kindergarten teachers, instructress, biology teachers, etc. – totally 233 educators.

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Spring maintenance works made on nestboxes for Red-footed Falcons

Although the Hungarian-Romanian Red-footed Falcon LIFE project has ended in 2009, the Milvus Group has assumed to manage the so-called After LIFE activities (those are required to be continued after the end of the project). One of these activities is the maintenance of the artificial nests mounted within the LIFE project for the Red-footed Falcons.

It’s a well-known fact that falcon species don’t build the nest of their own, instead raise their chicks in other birds’ nests. In our region the “Red-foots” choose mainly the nests of rooks, as they breed colonially as well. In the recent years we’ve established brand new colonies by putting artificial nests on trees in those areas where rookeries lack. Continue reading

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The stork and bees

In the last period more and more people are contacting the Milvus Group – Bird and Nature Protection Association, asking for help to protect the storks. Usually they are asking us to set up a rack for a nest, which is on an electrical pylon (e.g. Valea Nirajului, Ocna de Sus etc.). In some cases they are informing us about that some nests are in danger, sometimes even the coworkers from and electrical firm, without no reason, are removing them. In every situation we try to give our best and to solve the established, often unpleasant and weird so called problems.

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