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(Romana) Dealurile Târnavelor-Valea Nirajului

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Fieldwork in Dobrudja – survey for Saker falcons

Photo: Luca Dehelean

In March, a few ornithologists from the Milvus Group working on the “Conservation of Falco cherrug in Northeast Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” LIFE+ project have started the fieldwork in Dobrudja.

As a first step they verified the presence of the target species in the Măcin Mountains, where Saker falcons used to breed. Although there are several suitable breeding places, due to unknown reasons yet, unfortunately the birds were missing. Continue reading

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Taking part in the annual meeting of raptor conservation specialists in Hungary

Birds of prey usually occur in the top of the trophic pyramid, which means that because of the major changes caused by humans on ecological equilibrium make them more and more vulnerable. It’s a matter of fact that many raptor species are endangered and need conservation actions to survive. The specialists from Hungary have reached the top of the class in raptor conservation, as their efforts made in the last few decades lead to increase the national populations of some highly endangered birds of prey species, of which global effectives are permanently decreasing. Such species are the Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) and the Saker (Falco cherrug). Continue reading

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Training in Hungary for the Partners of the Life+ Project Dealing with the Conservation of the Saker Falcon

Between 21 and 22 February the employees of the Milvus Group involved in the Life project called “Conservation of Falco cherrug in Northeast Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” have taken part to a training meeting in Hungary. The event was organized at the Bükk National Park’s (Bükki Nemzeti Park) Visiting Centre in Felsőtárkány and the participants were people from the four countries included in the project. From our country two organizations were represented, the Milvus Group and the Romanian Ornithological Society. Continue reading

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Golden Eagle released

On 10th of March members of Milvus Group released a Golden Eagle in the Apuseni Mountains. The bird was caught in the vicinity of Campeni town with bare hands by a local peasant 10 days before. Milvus Groups specialists were contacted by the person becuse he observed a color ring on the birds leg. Beyond others the ring contained contact detailes of the Association. After medical care and observation the veterinary of the group decided that the bird is in good condition and it is ready to be released. The eagle was given back to nature near the place where it was ringed as a chick in 2008 in Bihor county.

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Mid-winter count of waterfowl in 2011

In more than 100 countries, millions of waterbirds are counted each year. This monitoring program called International Waterbird Census (IWC) is coordinated by the Wetlands International, a global organisation working to sustain and restore wetlands. They bring all this information together collected worldwide by different organizations, analyse them and provide information on the global state of the birds and analyse changes in the population. The results of the IWC have been used in the designation of nearly half of the 1,369 Wetlands of International Importance in 138 countries, designated under the Ramsar Convention. With the IWC it is possible to monitor changes in waterbird numbers and distribution, to improve knowledge of little-known waterbird species and wetland sites, to identify and monitor sites that qualify as Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, to provide information on the conservation status of waterbird species, presents information vital to the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) under the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS, Bonn Convention), and so on.
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