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After the first snowfall we have started the snowtracking in Bistra Valley – in the area of wolfpack territory. During the snowfall on 22nd-23th November in the valley of Bistra and Galaoaia river we found only one track of an average sized bear. On 13th-14th December we were tracking a middle sized female bear with cub which was searching for beechnuts on the ground and under the snow in a forest. According to the signs we found that the bears were searching for food several times in the same place with old beechnut trees. We found also the wolfpack of the Bistra Valley. Before the first snowfall in the middle of November they stealthily caught and consumed 2 sheep on the pasture in the opposite side of the Bistra river. In the middle of December they killed a sheep in the garden of a house. This time we found their tracks in a crest where they are usually searching for wild prey. Their pack has minimum 4 members. On 20th-21st December we could not found in fresh snow any sign of wolf and bear activity.

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Participation of Milvus Group in a CITES workshop in Bialowieza, Poland

The CITES Working Group of CEEWEB focuses on the enhancement of the implementation of the CITES in Central and Eastern Europe and pays special attention to the implementation of the provisions of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulation [Regulation (EC) 338/97] which goes beyond CITES in several aspects. The Working Group organized a workshop about the monitoring of the illegal wildlife trade between 25th November and 1st December 2008, in Bielowieza, Poland. Several countries were participating – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. From Romania two Milvus members were present.

The workshop aim was to determine the common methodology for monitoring the trade in wildlife on the internet. All participating countries committed themselves to monitor the trade according to the common methodology. A report about the results will be published at the end of 2009 and used as a lobby document at the next COP in early 2010.

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