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Raptor migration camp

The “Milvus Group” Bird and Nature Protection Association has been organising a raptor migration camp in the Macin Mountains, Dobrogea, Romania for five years. This year it will start at 20th August and the observations will be finished at the end of October. Usually more than 10000 raptors are migrating over the site annually and species like lesser spotted eagle, greater spotted eagle, imperial eagle, short-toed eagle, booted eagle, levant sparrowhawk, pallid harrier, saker are observed every year. The site is known as well as part of the most important stork migration route in Romania with 20000-40000 migrating storks. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome as we usually are short of observers. Those willing to come please contact Róbert Zeitz.

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Yellow-legged Gull rehabilitated

The Yellow-legged Gull (Larus michahellis) established as a breeding species in the town of Tg.- Mureş from the year 2004. Since then 1-5 pairs regularly breed in the centre of the city. In 22nd July 2007 we received an injured fledgling which was rehabilitated during four days. In 25th July the condition of the bird was appropriate to be released. After ringing we set free the bird near the Mureş River. We follow the bird’s daily activity together with 4 more juveniles and few adults.

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Red-footed Falcon ringings

In summer of 2007 members of the Milvus Group continued the ringing of the Red-footed Falcons within the confines of project „Conservation of Falco vespertinus in the Pannonian Region” – LIFE 05 NAT/H/000122. Adult and young birds were ringed as well. For ringing we used classic ornithological and color rings, individual combinations for each bird. By using this method, in the future we can read the ring combinations from distance, without the necessity of recapturing and we can follow the movements of these birds. The method will be also helpful to collect various data which will be used for conservation of the species. For further details please visit:

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