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ADEPT, WWF DCP and Milvus Group signing the MoU for the “Grassland Alliance for Romaina”

On 30 th of January representatives of the three organization organized a joint meeting on Sighisoara for the finalization and signing of the MoU with regards creation of the “Grassland Alliance for Romania”. The aim of the Grassland Alliance will be to advocate – and where appropriate support the implementation of – the full range of practical actions and policy measures that are urgently required to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the high levels of biodiversity associated with semi-natural grasslands in Romania.

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Midwinter Waterbird Count

Between the 9 th and 20 th January 2007, members of the“Milvus Group” participated in the Midwinter Waterbird Count, organized yearly by Wetlands International. In Romania, this event was organized by the ROS and the Milvus Group. From our organization, 33 members took part in the fieldwork in 69 different areas from 20 counties. The number of the observed birds was 192.689, from which a number of 165.093 were waterbirds. The total number of the observed species was 116. The three most numerous species were the Mallard – 34.023 ex., the Coot – 33.801 ex., and the White-fronted Goose – 29.992 ex.

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