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Do they really need saving?

From May to August, people tend to save nestlings or juvenile birds that appear to be abandoned.

CAREFUL! Some of them are semi-nidifugous, that means they leave the nest before learning to fly, but their parents still come to feed them. Continue reading

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Healthy Storks miss migration and stay in Romania for winter


Photo: Orbán Zoltán

This winter we have been contact more often than ever before by people who seeing White Storks on the field or on the nest. They call to ask for our help to save the bird. But mostly these birds are healthy and they don`t need our help. Continue reading

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Please, support our Association with the 2% of Your personal  income-tax! 

Thank you!


 Here you can download the forms:
formularul 200formularul 230


Asociația „Grupul Milvus”
CF: RO 14198928
ING Bank

The deadline for submitting the forms is 23 May 2014

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I found an injured bird, what should I do?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst things first, you need to think of our safety and identify the species of the bird. Even small raptors such as the Little Owl have strong beaks and feet and can cause unpleasant injuries, while larger birds such as storks and herons are capable of harm with their long bills. Then, if the bird is distressed, you can calm it down by covering its head with blanket, clothes or cloth, bearing in mind that any zips or buckles must be facing upwards so as to avoid causing additional injuries to the bird. This is important as the bird is likely to be in shock and your attempts to help it could cause it further distress. Further, you should handle the bird with care, holding it by the tarsus (lower leg) and securing its wings by holding them to its body. Continue reading

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(Romana) Am găsit un pui părăsit! Ce să fac?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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(Romana) Cum să procedăm în cazul în care depistăm deţinerea ilegală de păsări protejate

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Feeding the birds

Bird feederFeeding the birds (HU, RO)

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