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Winners of the WEBCAM BERZE contest

Thank you all for the printscreens you’ve sent us! We are glad that you are with us during this spring. The winners of the competition, those who were first to observe a stork in the nest are: Dragoș Marinescu,­ ­­­­­Sinka Róbert, Iatan Eliza, Molnár Zsombor and Tibor Kiss. Join us as a new episode is just about to start at Dumbrăvioara’s stork nest!

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Dumbrăvioara online again

Dear friends of the storks, in the last few days we encountered technical problems with the live transmission from the Dumbrăvioara stork nest. We apologize, but these problems are sometimes unavoidable. Still, our contest continues. We are waiting for print screens with the first stork from the nest.

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New season at Dumbrăvioara!

Last year, we were almost 35 000 people whom watched, avidly, to what is happening on the screens of our computers, laptops or phones. The events of the Dumbrăvioara stork nest – arranging the nest, laying eggs, raising the chicks- are events that help us to better understand the natural world. So we start, again, the hunting for the first printscreens depicting the return of the storks. Be the first to send us an image of a stork in the Dumbrăvioara nest at and you will win a prize from us.


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Stork fan? Be on the spot, here’s a new contest!

We thank all the stork fans, who observe day and night the life of these beautiful birds from Dumbrăvioara. Now, the two parents have a special care for the four eggs, but we hope that the chicks will hatch soon. Be the first to capture that moment and win a Milvus promotional package. We are waiting for your printscreens at Continue reading

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A pair at Dumbrăvioara!

For several weeks we paid attention to what happens in the monitored nest. Slowly but surely, the nest is being built thanks to the tireless work of the two storks who have decided to make their “home” right in front of our eyes! These two storks have no colour rings. Continue reading

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Observe and win!

The webcam from Dumbrăvioara is ready to provide LIVE images from the nest! But something is missing? THE STORKS. Thus, the first observers of storks in the nest will be rewarded. We prepared some Milvus promotional packages to motivate you to monitor the nest’s activity. The first three observers will be rewarded. Send us a printscreen at as soon as you saw the stork and if you are amongst the first ones YOU WON!

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An interesting season

august storkThis year, the webcamera from Dumbrăvioara failed to offer us the show of raising stork chicks.  Fortunately, a pair of young storks spent the summer in the nest, arranging it with different materials. We could see this as a possible sign that they’ll come back next year to nest. We thank all the stork lovers for their constant attention, but the law of Nature may result in such seasons too. We are optimistic about 2017! The webcam in Dumbrăvioara will remain online until de the end of August, when the storks will begin their long journey to the wintering grounds in Africa.

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Good news from the stork nest from Dumbrăvioara!

golyak 2From March to April, stork lovers assisted passively at the „disintegration” of the storks nest, caused by thieving of materials by many Jackdaws and neighbouring Stork pair. The nest was slowly shrinking, everybody was carrying away nest materials but nobody was building! Occasionally lonely storks appeared in the nest, we even saw a stork with a colour ring, but no pair. Continue reading

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A stork with colour ring is “visiting” the nest. Will it occupy the nest?

1In 2016 we are experiencing some difficulties with the webcam nest. Compared to previous years, when the storks arrived in time but we had had technical problems with our webcam, this year the “problem” is with the storks. More exactly, with their absence from the nest. At the end of March a pair of stork was observed in the nest, but unfortunately they were just visitors from one of the neighbouring nests. Continue reading

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Storks – Dumbrăvioara’s web camera stars

IMG_0663Dear Stork Friends,

we invite you to a new season dedicated to the life of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) from Dumbrăvioara! Be careful, monitor the nest and let us know when the first stork will arrive.

The first one of you who it will indicate the date the bird arrived will receive a prize package from Milvus Group!

Send us a print screen picture to our Facebook page or to the following address:  The prize consists in a T-shirt, a notebook, a ballpoint and other Milvus publications! Continue reading

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