The storks from Dumbrăvioara have more and more friends!

This is demonstrated by the Dumbrăvioara webcam statistics: between 15 March – 20 August, 34 977 watched the nests events! Totally, almost 230 500 sessions. The most popular day was May 17th with 2880 people logged at the web cam. It was the day the first egg of the four hatched! Most of our visitors come from: Romania, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Italy, but our web cam is watched also from Canada, Australia and the United States. Thank you! Watch us again from March 2018!


  1. Corina says:
    September 29th, 2017 at 09:25

    Va multumim pentru un sezon frumos! Asteptam sa le urmarim si sezonul viitor! <3

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