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Two young storks in the Milvus Group’s care

In the backyard of the Milvus office there are two young storks. These two birds haven’t left to Africa – from different reasons – and arrived in our custody, when people who found them asked for our help. The first one has a less interesting story – it was bought by our colleague Attila Nagy, from Stremt, Alba county in 26 th October. Seems like the only reason, why this bird didn’t migrate was it’s bad condition. Since it is fed regularly, started to fly above the house (a rare site in Europe – Stork in November) returning to the backyard soon. We are happy with this, since keeps the bird in shape, for the spring release. The other stork was brought (by the team Deák Attila, Deák Borbála and Kecskés Attila) from Agnita, Sibiu County, on the 30th of September. The bird probably hit electric wires and it was kept by Munteanu Andrei form mid September. The bird can’t see with one eye – the eye was hit according to the veterinary – and misses a small part from the top of the bill. More interesting is that the bird has a metal ring on the right leg (B6877), according to which was ringed as young in nest, in Urziceni, Satu Mare County, on the 1 st of July 2006, by Szabó D. Zoltán. The colored ring is missing from its left leg. Our goal is to keep them in proper conditions until spring, when we will try “to place” them in a flock of non-breeding storks, which can be found every year for ex. in the Giurgeului Basin. We hope they will join the flock and go with them to Africa in the autumn.

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Inauguration of the „Community Center” in Sînsimion

On 14 th of October 2006 the Milvus Group organized the official opening of the Sinsimion Community Center , from Neaua commune, Mures County . The community center was developed in the frame of the “Sustainable development in the Carpathian Eco-region” project, implemented by the Milvus Group in partnership with the CEEWEB network and financed by the DOEN Foundation from Holland . The community center is a traditional house renovated in traditional style and furnished with traditional furniture dating back to the beginning of the 20 th century. The furniture and other materials were almost exclusively donated by the people from the 5 villages of the commune. The stable and the other secondary buildings were also refurbished and populated with animals from traditional Transylvanian breeds. The main objective of center is to conserve the cultural heritage of the region (which is diminishing very rapidly) and to become a tourism attraction in the village. In one of the houses rooms we will create an office which hopefully will became the center of the sustainable development initiatives inside the commune.

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