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Milvus Scholarship

Milvus Group is launching the Milvus scholarship dedicated for student researchers interested in biology, ecology or nature conservation. Our main objective is to help students to implement original research or conservation projects built upon original ideas and implemented by the new generation of researchers. The projects should be in line with the mission of the Milvus Group (protected animal and plant species, protected areas, future Natura 2000 sites, species monitoring, etc.) Projects targeting species form the Annex I of the EU Birds Directive or species from the Annex II or VI of the EU Habitats Directive will be prioritized, from these those dealing with the “Milvus priority species” are preferred. The maximum funding for individual projects is 1000 RON while for “team projects” is up to 2000 RON.
Deadline for submission: 6 th March 2006
Further details, forms and list of priority species can be obtained from the webpage (in romanian) or required from the or email adresses.

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Nature conservation meeting held at Oradea

The Milvus Group took part at a meeting in Oradea, beeing organized by the Environmental Protection Agency of Bihor County, the Hortobágy and Körös-Maros National Parks (Hungary), the Apuseni Mountains Natural Park and the Museum of Tarii Crisurilor also participating. This meeting is another milestone in the collaboration between Romania and Hungary on nature conservation, an inter-ministerial agreement existing between the two countries on this issue. The case of trans-border Natura 2000 sites, the future Cefa Natural Park , the problems regarding the Thermal Water-lily Natural Reservation and the on-going LIFE project about the Conservation of the Red-footed Falcon in the Pannonian Region were also discussed.

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