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(Romana) Proiectul intitulat „Valea Alceului şi Lunca Barcăului, situri Natura 2000 desemnate pentru conservarea vânturelului de seară”

Our project called “Valea Alceului and Lunca Barcăului, Natura 2000 sites designated for the conservation of the Red-footed Falcon”, supported by the MOL Romania and the Environmental Partnership Foundation has come to an end. The partner of the Milvus Group was the Environmental Protection Agency of Bihor County. This project was the first of this kind, implemented by the Milvus Group as the responsible organization for the management of the two Natura 2000 sites. As these protected areas were designated especially for the protection of the Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus), the project is a next step in our comprehensive program carrying on in order to re-establish the favorable conservation status of this species in Romania. Folytatás itt

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