Acvila Club’s Days

In the „Liviu Rebreanu” elementary school from Tg.-Mures in 27-28 of February youth activities took place called “Let’s open the gates of spring” within the “Acvila Club’s Days”. The event was organized by the school group “Acvila” Ornithological Club which has ongoing activities as school group of our association. In this event the participants were the pupils, members of the Club, teachers and parents. The objectives and the strategy of the Club were presented by the co-ordinator teacher Maria Cornelia Popescu. A photo competition was organized under the title “Children and Nature” and as the high light of the day the winners were awarded. Members of the Milvus Group presented particular aspects from the birds’ and large carnivores’ life. The wide range of activities conducted by children took place parallel according to different themes in different classrooms. These themes were “the most familiar large carnivores from our country”, “curiosities about birds”, works about the behaviour of certain animals, etc. In the second day outdoor events were organized such demonstration of cleaning of urban green spaces and preparing the soil for planting trees. The awards were offered by the S.C. Septi-Clau S.A.- Clau’s, Milvus Group, Cristina Guesthouse and Forestry Institute Tg. Mures. More details are available in Romanian language on the site.

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