Wildlife Rescue Centre

Wildlife rehabilitation centre: www.wildliferescue.ro

Our Rehabilitation Centre is dedicated to the treatment and cure of injured, confiscated or ill birds in order to reintroduce them in nature. We accept birds from all over the country, but because of the scarce equipment (space and capacity), we accept exclusively raptor birds, owls and storks. Hopefully this insufficiency will soon be resolved, until then we need to respect this rule, in order to maintain the adequate quality. Thank you for your understanding!

Yearly more and more injured wild birds are arriving to Milvus Group as more and more people know that we are a facility, who tries to rehabilitate and release them into the wild. Each year we receive 50-70 birds (mostly birds of prey, owls and storks) with different problems. The most frequent causes of distress are the ones caused by human activities: collisions (birds with broken wings, concussion, etc.), electrocution on powerlines (birds legs and wings are burned by current), sometimes shot or poisoned specimens. Also chicks and young birds, supposed to be orphaned, are brought to us. After treatment, almost 50% of birds can be released back to its natural habitat.

At the moment, in the yard of our main office we have two small, two middle sized and one big sized cages (unfortunately not big enough). In some cases the treated birds aren`t allowed to move much (e.g. surgical intervention in bone fracture), thus they are kept in small cages. We hope that in the near future we will be able to build one or two spacious cages in Sângeorgiu de Pădure, where the birds can regain their energy to fly prior to being released. But for this we need additional authorization, procedures which we are already started.

From now on we will keep you informed about the events of our Rehabilitation Centre. From June 2012 a new journal will appear on our webpage about our activities in our Rehabilitation Centre which will be published every two months. This will contain information about the birds which we receive, special cases, novelties, etc. and we will choose a special case from every month, “the case of the month”, which will be presented in detail.

Injured birds are rehabilitated with the help of veterinarians from Vets4Wild Association.

In case you found an injured bird please call the following number: 0722-533816


Lajos Pál, the main sponsor of the Rehabilitation Centre.

Reports of the rehabilitation centre

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