(Romana) Autostrada Tîrgu-Mureș–Iași: întâlnirea factorilor interesați din regiunea Niraj – Târnava Mică

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Do they really need saving?

From May to August, people tend to save nestlings or juvenile birds that appear to be abandoned.

CAREFUL! Some of them are semi-nidifugous, that means they leave the nest before learning to fly, but their parents still come to feed them. Continue reading

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Winners of the Milvus Scholarships in 2017

We thank to all whom have shown interest in our Scholarship. In total, we received 20 projects from all over the country. After a comprehensive analysis of the proposed topics, here is the final list of projects that will receive funding this year:
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Wild animals’ offspring do not need saving!

Out of sympathy and pity, many people considered necessary to save baby dears, rabbits or other wildlife offspring found in the fields, forests and clearings. But beware; these calves seem lonely and helpless though the truth is otherwise. Their parents left them in safe places for a short time! Parents will return to their offspring! For this reason there is no need for human intervention. Please do not touch, move or disturb these youngsters! They are more secure if you do not bother them!

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In the bear’s way!

Concrete parapets, roads without eco-ducts or underground passages, railways, fenced fields. All of these represent obstacles for wild animals that roam hundreds of kilometres in search of food, partners, wintering places, and so on. This is the conclusion of an  ACDB report – https://goo.gl/VHPtqU, mentioning exactly the area where the following images were recorded (DN2D, between Târgu Secuiesc and Focsani): a bear with cubs trying to cross the road. The construction of motorways without special structures to allow the movement of large carnivores is a major risk factor for these species, but also for the safety of traffic participants. We want green infrastructure measures and we act through the TRANSGREEN project.

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Results: Stork fan? Be on the spot, here’s a new contes

Thank you Nóra for the drawing!

The winners of the stork chick contest:

László Bajkó
Daniel Bogdan
Erika Simon
Anamaria Iacobovici
Magdolna Feketéné Nagy

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(Romana) Transgreen – Planificare integrată a infrastructurii de transport și a infrastructurii verzi în regiunea Dunăre-Carpați în beneficiul oamenilor și al naturii

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Travelling through Europe

The three Red-footed Falcons, ringed in Bărăgan and monitored through satellite, have arrived in Europe, furthermore, Marina decided to continue its journey to Crimea. After crossing the Mediterranean Sea, Kira is resting in South- East France, while Ringlo follows her, and his satellite data places him right now in Gibraltar. Continue reading

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Capture Nature!

Be bold and conquer the world of plants and mushrooms with memorable snapshots!
Be brave and hunt with your camera the unique moments of wildlife!
Be ambitious and participate with Romanian landscapes at the Milvus Photography contest!

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Stork fan? Be on the spot, here’s a new contest!

We thank all the stork fans, who observe day and night the life of these beautiful birds from Dumbrăvioara. Now, the two parents have a special care for the four eggs, but we hope that the chicks will hatch soon. Be the first to capture that moment and win a Milvus promotional package. We are waiting for your printscreens at iulia.vizi@milvus.ro. Continue reading

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