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(Romana) Un caz excepțional!

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The second bear cub saved in 2018 by Milvus Group and Vets4Wild (and the 22nd that ended up in our temporary care during the last years)!

Within a few days, the 3-4 months old female will be handed over to the Orphaned Bear Cub Rehabilitation Center in the Hasmas Mountains (Harghita County). She will spend approximately 2 years in the Center, with no human contact, living in the company of other orphaned bears. Afterwards, she will be released back into the wild. Continue reading

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2018, al cincilea an consecutiv de inelare pe Grindul Chituc

În perioada 2014-2017 au fost inelate în Tabăra de inelare de pe Grindul Chituc 47740 de exemplare aparținând a 132 specii, printre care: 5502 muscari mici (Ficedula parva), 5321 măcălendrii (Erithacus rubecula), 3495 pițigoi albaștrii (Cyanistes caeruleus), 3316 sfrâncioci roșiatici (Lanius collurio) și 3093 pitulici fluierătoare (Phylloscopus trochilus). Împreună cu cele 9340 de exemplarele inelate în perioada 1996-1997, numărul total de păsări marcate pe Grindul Chituc se ridică la 57080. Continue reading

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Winners of the WEBCAM BERZE contest

Thank you all for the printscreens you’ve sent us! We are glad that you are with us during this spring. The winners of the competition, those who were first to observe a stork in the nest are: Dragoș Marinescu,­ ­­­­­Sinka Róbert, Iatan Eliza, Molnár Zsombor and Tibor Kiss. Join us as a new episode is just about to start at Dumbrăvioara’s stork nest!

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Bandi flies over Transylvania!

Bandi is the first Imperial Eagle in Romania monitored through satellite tracking and it was ringed in the Mureș Plain (Arad county). In his third year of life, Bandi wondered to Hungary, Banat, Vojvodina (Serbia), Transcarpathia (Ukraine), and reached these days Târnava Mică area in Mureş County. Continue reading

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