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Common Buzzard releasing

On 15 th March 2006 the members of the Milvus Group released an adult Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) found infirm two weeks before near Tg.Mures city. To ameliorate the condition, the finder fed the buzzard in captivity and in the last few days before releasing it our group’s specialists followed with attention the bird’s evolution. In every winter we rehabilitate this way 5-6 Common Buzzards and other raptors.

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Messengers of Spring – kindergarden event

In the Kindergarden no.19 in Tg.-Mures at 3th of March activities took place under the title of “Messengers of Spring” initiated by Sulariu Ioana kindergarden teacher. Within this event children told playful poems about the chasing winter and inviting spring. After that event they organized into working groups and they prepared artifitial nest boxes and feeders for birds, while others were looking with interest the presentation about our summer visitors which are about to arrive from their wintering areas. Through this program children had the opportuynity to learn about signs of spring arrival and how their environment changes. At this event also members of the Milvus Group werepresent and we plan to enhance the relation with this kindergarden.

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Future Natural Park

On 6 March at Cefa (Bihor County) took place the discussion of the future Cefa Natural Park ‘s Management Plan. The Scientific Documentation, the Management Plan and the Action Plan were all elaborated as a part of the on-going Phare CBC project named “Romanian-Hungarian Green Corridor for the Conservation of Biodiversity”, by a team including employees of the Apuseni Natural Park , an external expert and many collaborators. The relevant authorities (ex. Ministry of Integration, County Hall), scientific organizations (ex. Apuseni NP, University of Oradea), the Hungarian partner (Körös Maros NP Directorate) and the local community (ex. parish councils, the local fishing firm) were all represented. To this meeting – as to the future Consultancy Council, too – the Milvus Group was also invited for our organization has been involved in research and conservation issues regarding this habitat since 1991, it being considerate one of the most important place in Romania for breeding and migrating waterbirds. The establishment of the Cefa NP is expected to be done until the end of the year.

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