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Spring and migrating birds are approaching! Follow the birds on the

Are you wondering where the migratory birds are? Do you miss Arlie? Unfortunately, we have not received any data from her transmitter for some good months, but we invite you to watch the migration routes of other Romanian birds marked with transmitters by the Milvus Group:
Marina and Ringlo are two Red – footed falcons that are now in Africa in different wintering locations. Continue reading

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Owl Identification guide

In December 2017 the Herman Otto Nonprofit Institute published a book which is at the same time a practical guide and a handbook meant to assist the identification and conservation of the 12 existing owl species (and European Nightjar) in Hungary and Romania. The title of the book is: Practical conservation and identification of owl species of Hungary. Continue reading

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We are launching the Milvus Scholarships!

Passionate about nature, student, master or doctoral student? The Milvus Scholarship can help you in your research.

What do we offer?

We support 3 or 4 projects of 4 500 RON, whether they are conducted individually or by a group. Continue reading

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A White Stork from Ernei (Mureș county) is in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)!

We just got the news from our friend, Marjo Glerum, that on the 3rd of February he resighted one of the White Storks (Ciconia ciconia) ringed by members of the Milvus Group, along with birds from Poland and Sweden in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The stork was ringed byKósa Ferenc and Daróczi J. Szilárd on the 29th of June, 2012 as a chick in nest near Ernei, Mureș County! The bird is still, having more than 3000 kms ahead. Storks usually arrive in mid-Transylvania around 25th of March. Spring is on the way

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People and birds

Graceful aerial dances! Gulls at the landfill station of Oradea.

Despite the background this kind of beautiful performance would impress anyone. These are the gulls from the rubbish dump of Oradea, a place that one could hardly imagine as the scenery of a graceful dance! Continue reading

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A lucky Common Buzzard

The bird tangled in fishing wobblers entered the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for rehab, after Vets4Wild veterinarians successfully released the hooks from the its chin and shoulder. The Common Buzzard was released after three days! You can support our rescue and rehabilitation efforts by donating at ING BANK RO12INGB0000999901703336. Thank you!

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A wintertime bird-watching experience – Dipper counting

Join us on 24th of January! Break-up the monotony and join our team! 

Look what we did last year:

Because we get ready in time, please contact us until 23th of January at 0747 416280 or email. 
What you need to know: 
As the action takes place in the Toplița–Deda Mureș gorge, you’ll have to arrange for transportation!
Because we are in full winter, dress accordingly, you will be out for several hours!
Take with you a thermos, sandwiches and good humour!
Join us!

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(Romana) Numărătoarea păsărilor de apă 2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romana and Magyar.

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Big eagle “reunion”! 15 Imperial Eagles observed

On 25th December 2017 a total of 15 Imperial Eagles (Aquila heliaca) were observed in Arad county  (Western Plain of Romania), which is a record number for the region but also for the country. Most of the birds were young (1-2 calendary years), but there were also three third plumage, one subadult (fourth plumage) and one adult bird.  Continue reading

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Hobby (Falco subbuteo)

Ştefan and Andra traveled nearly 400 kilometers to help a Hobby! The bird, a juvenile from this year, was received by the Dog Rescue Romania Association in Bucharest from a person who found it in the summer. The Hobby was taken over by us, and is now in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Tîrgu Mureș. We thank the rescuers! In this respect, when you find a hurt wild animal, please contact us as soon as possible so that first aid, rehabilitation and release can be undertaken as soon as possible for the benefit of the animals.

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