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Results: Stork fan? Be on the spot, here’s a new contes

Thank you Nóra for the drawing!

The winners of the stork chick contest:

László Bajkó
Daniel Bogdan
Erika Simon
Anamaria Iacobovici
Magdolna Feketéné Nagy

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Travelling through Europe

The three Red-footed Falcons, ringed in Bărăgan and monitored through satellite, have arrived in Europe, furthermore, Marina decided to continue its journey to Crimea. After crossing the Mediterranean Sea, Kira is resting in South- East France, while Ringlo follows her, and his satellite data places him right now in Gibraltar. Continue reading

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Capture Nature!

Be bold and conquer the world of plants and mushrooms with memorable snapshots!
Be brave and hunt with your camera the unique moments of wildlife!
Be ambitious and participate with Romanian landscapes at the Milvus Photography contest!

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Stork fan? Be on the spot, here’s a new contest!

We thank all the stork fans, who observe day and night the life of these beautiful birds from Dumbrăvioara. Now, the two parents have a special care for the four eggs, but we hope that the chicks will hatch soon. Be the first to capture that moment and win a Milvus promotional package. We are waiting for your printscreens at Continue reading

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Custody, problems, commitments

After a first analysis of the protected areas along the Mureş River which recently entered in the custody of the Milvus Group, we identified a whole series of problems. By far the worst is the one caused by garbage. The river banks, and as such the local protected areas, are used as public dumping sites, without any respect for the local natural patrimony. Garbage disposed upstream remains hanged on the branches after any significant changes in water levels.
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Please, support our Association with the 2% of Your personal  income-tax!
Thank you! Continue reading

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Bandi exploring new frontiers

During the first months of its life (from July to October) Bandi, the first Imperial Eagle from Romania equipped with a satellite transmitter, stayed largely in Hungary  In winter he continued to make short trips to previously unknown areas, but overall he spent most of the time in habitats already well known, such as in the neighbourhood of Gyomaendrőd town in Békés County (Hungary). Continue reading

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In the sun again!

Seven Spur-thighed Tortoise (Testudo graeca), one Hermann’s Tortoise (Testudo hermanni) and a European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis) have entered in the last six months in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre of the Milvus Group Association and Vets4Wild. These turtles will be released into their natural habitats as soon as they recover from hibernation. Although all three species are protected by law, and capturing and possessing them is considered illegal, every year hundreds of turtles are sold especially on the online market. Continue reading

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Annual Report of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre MILVUS – 2016

Our Rehabilitation Center obtained very good results in 2016 in respect of both the number of patients and the quality of our services.

The Center has been working almost all year at full capacity, which shows that the infrastructure development in Sînsimion was necessary. Continue reading

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There is no increase in viper numbers in 2017!

In Romania, the reptiles (thus the vipers too) hibernate in winter, so their annual activity period is from spring to autumn. But even during this period, the observations probability differs. Often snakes use common hibernacula, and that’s why in spring they may be crowded around the entry. These are the so called viper-nests people often speak about, and this is where you can observe spousal agglomerations as well. If one sees such a crowd (which is in fact a rarity), a misconception arises that the number of vipers increased!  Continue reading

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